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Joseph Eichler was originally a finance-oriented business man, but in his mid-40’s turned to a career of home building. His company Eichler Homes was started in the city of Sunnyvale. His homes were distinctly modernistic in character and quite different from the homes being constructed around the same time in the bay area. Eichler built over 1,000 homes in Sunnyvale between 1949 and 1972. These homes can be found in the subdivisions of Rancho, Rancho Verde Addition, Fairbrae, Fairbrae Addition, Fairorchard, Rancho Sans Souci, Fairwood, Fairwood Addition, Fairpark Addition, Parmer Place, and Midtown.

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Foreclosures Sales

Sunnyvale has distressed sale properties including short sales and bank-owned or REOs. These homes can be found throughout of city of Sunnyvale and can be a good value for a Sunnyvale home buyer. While they can be an excellent opportunity, these types of sales have their own process which distinguishes them from a traditional sale. It is extremely important that today's home buyer knows what to expect and how to best prepare for this type of purchase. Some of the differences include expected timeline, costs, and disclosures. This page is specifically tailored to highlight only properties in Sunnyvale which are either short sales or bank-owned properties.

There are no properties currently for sale in this area. Contact us for upcoming listings. Foreclosures Sales

Standard Sales

Traditional Sales have become known as "standard" or "regular" sales. This type of sale is defined as an owner who has equity or value in the property above the amount of mortgage balance they owe. Usually, with this type of sale, a home buyer can expect a well-maintained home. Additionally, because the seller has lived in the property, the required disclosures are filled out by someone who knows the property and can provide known facts about the home. With this type of sale, a buyer can expect to close more quickly, oftentimes in 30 days or less. This page highlights properties which are traditional type sales in Sunnyvale. These home are located in all neighborhoods throughout Sunnyvale including Cherry Chase and Birdland, to name a few.

  • #81434349: 3 bed 2.0 bath at $ 1,249,888 | view
  • #81433554: 3 bed 2.0 bath at $ 849,000 | view
  • #81435607: 3 bed 2.0 bath at $ 785,000 | view
Standard Sales