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In today's market, it is important to understand the different types of real estate transactions. Each type of sale has it's own unique set of characteristics. This page is dedicated to properties which are traditional sales.

The term traditional sale is used interchangeably with "standard" or "regular" sale. The definition of a regular sale is a seller(s) who is selling a property with a higher market value than the amount of the mortgage balance they owe. In other words, the seller has equity in their property.

One of the benefits to the buyer with this type of sale is the buyer can expect to get much more information regarding the condition of the property. The required real estate disclosuresare provided by someone who has lived in the property and has knowledge of the nuances of the home. In contrast, with a bank-owned or REO sale, the bank has no first-hand knowledge of the condition of the property and typically provides blank disclosure documents. Another buyer benefit for this type of sale is the buyer can expect to close more quickly than a short sale or bank-owned property. The typical escow period for a traditional sale is 30 days or less.

Traditional sale can be found throught Sunnyvale in neighborhoods including Cherry Chase, Fairwood, and Ponderosa.

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