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Living the Life in Sunnyvale

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Why is Sunnyvale considered one of Silicon Valley's most desirable cities? Local residents give two reasons: the area's history and the strong sense of community.

A uniquely charmly city, Sunnyvale has always been a sought after place to live. The Sunnyvale community is an ideal setting for new families, where virtually every home is unique and beautiful, with small town curb appeal.


Downtown Murphy Historical Park 2M

Sunnyvale is an extremely kid and family-friendly neighborhood with plenty of parks to play and socialize.

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Restaurants 2M

Sunnyvale offers a wide variety of cuisines and styles of restaurants from casual to upscale dining.

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Sunnyvale's Downtown retains its small-town character with a thriving commerical district.

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Local Events

Downtown Farmers Market 2M

With entertainment and events all throughout the year, Sunnyvale is fun for the whole family.

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