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Sunnyvale Schools Begin Renovation and Improvement Projects

Voter Approved Bond Measures Finance Projects

Posted on January 23, 2013 by Nikki.

Voters in all three Sunnyvale school districts - Cupertino Union, Sunnyvale and Fremont Union High School districts – approved funds that are resulting in numerous construction, renovation and improvement projects.

Cupertino Union School District

In June 2012, district voters passed Measure H, a $220 million school facility and repair bond measure. The money will be used to modernize and build additional classrooms, upgrade safety systems, replace infrastructure, and update science labs and technology systems. Each of the district’s 25 schools will receive a “technology refresh” in time for the next academic year. Six of the campuses will get new data infrastructure. The elementary schools in the district will get new wireless Internet networks.

The biggest projects will be at Lawson and Cupertino middle schools. Both schools will see the construction of new 20-classroom, two-story buildings. Four of those classrooms will be for science, six will be for math, and 10 will be standard classrooms. Lawson will also get a new band building, including two music rooms and an area for storage. Cupertino Middle will get a new gymnasium in addition to its current one.

Sunnyvale School District

Almost all of the 10 campuses in the Sunnyvale School District have seen improvements thanks to the November 2004 Measure P, which approved a $120 million general obligation bond.

Sunnyvale Middle School has a new science classroom wing, which houses three science labs and two science classrooms. Cherry Chase now has a 7,300-square-foot multi-purpose room, and Cumberland Elementary has a new school office building and an upgraded multi-purpose room. San Miguel received a new multi-purpose building over winter break, and Lakewood will get a new library and energy upgrades to the existing classrooms.

Fremont Union High School District

All five high schools in Fremont Union now have solar power and will soon have renovated sports fields. Other ongoing projects come courtesy of Measure B, a $198 million school bond passed in June 2008 to improve school facilities.


Cupertino will add 11 classrooms at the campus to accommodate the school's projected growth. A new 30,000 square-foot, two-story building is currently under construction, and will house a new library, guidance center, and kitchen-cafeteria. There are also plans for a new front entrance to the campus and a rearrangement of the central quad. The Pioneers will also get a new physical education building with a new weight room, team rooms, coaches' offices and education classroom.


A new two-story, 34,000 square foot building will house a new cafeteria and kitchen, as well as 16 new standard classrooms. The Wing 90 building renovation will convert four regular classrooms into two science classrooms.


The next project at Homestead High School is a 12,800 square foot multi-purpose space for athletic events, club meetings and sports training. The space will provide an indoor place for clubs, dance, color guard, and band to practice during the winter months.


Lynbrook is expanding its existing library to house the Global Learning Center. The cafeteria is being remodeled with additional space for meetings for students and staff. Monta Vista Monta Vista will soon have a new two-story building that will house a new cafeteria, a staff dining area, and six additional classrooms.

Monta Vista

Monta Vista will soon have a new two-story building that will house a new cafeteria, a staff dining area, and six additional classrooms.

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