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Sunnyvale Happenings

What is going on in our lovely city of Sunnyvale?

Posted on December 13, 2012 by Nikki.

If you are a resident of Sunnyvale, here are a few developments you might be interested in.

1. Downtown Sunnyvale Parking
On December 4, the Sunnyvale city council voted to install paid parking in the north and south Mathilda overpass lots. Based on a study that started in 2011, it has been decided that this paid parking system is the best solution to help the ongoing maintenance required of the five existing city-owned downtown parking lots. More information can be found from the above hyperlink, an article written by Alia Wilson.

2. CONNECT Job Seeker Center
If you’ve been using Sunnyvale’s CONNECT Job Seeker Center, or you think you will be using it soon, you’ll need to move to it’s new location at 505 W. Olive Ave., Suite 550. It’s closing its Pastoria Ave. location on December 14, and reopening at the new location on December 19. It’s going to be part of the NOVA campus.

3. San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots
This could very well be a Super Bowl preview. Our Niners play at the Patriots on Sunday with kick-off at 5:20pm. We already lost in a blow-out to another contender, the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. We really need to prove to everyone that we can beat the best teams, and it’ll be a chance for Colin Kaepernick to really solidify his apparent position as the starting quarterback. It should be a great game!

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