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Sunnyvale Challenge Team Honored With YMCA Award

Steve Young will be keynote speaker at Awards Breakfast

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Nikki.

What started as a grassroots think tank in response to gang violence is now being nationally recognized for their outstanding efforts. The Sunnyvale Challenge Team is being awarded the Community Values Youth Award for 2013 by the YMCA of Silicon Valley and Project Cornerstone.

For the past five years, Sunnyvale Challenge Team, which was spearheaded by the Department of Public Safety’s Captain Doug Moretto, has connected trouble teens with community activities, from sports to cooking classes. By using three key tactics – mentoring, improving parenting skills, and providing connections to local resources, the Challenge Team aims to develop a strong network for Sunnyvale youth so they have the resources to reach their goals while steering them away from negative influences like drugs and gangs.

The Sunnyvale Challenge Team has worked hard to build partnerships will over 40 local organizations and non-profits. Their aim is to build a community where youth are valued. Known as The Roundtable, the Challenge Team works directly with the Moose Lodge, the Sunnyvale school district, Sunnyvale PAL, the Sunnyvale library and community services department, and many others.

The team will receive their award at the 2013 Asset Champions Awards Breakfast on March 28 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This year’s keynote speaker will be former San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young. Tickets can be purchased at

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