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Nationwide Open House - This Weekend

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Nikki.

This weekend Saturday April 20th & Sunday April 21 is the Nationwide Open House event.  Homes coast to coast will be open offering a great opportunity for today's buyers a chance to visit homes in their desired search area.  Currently, Sunnyvale home inventory is low with only 24 Sunnyvale Homes and 16 Sunnyvale Condos currently available. 

Here a 3 Quick Tips To Prepare Visiting Sunnyvale Open Houses:

1. Do some research ahead of time and make a list properties you would like to visit.  Ideally, the list would be based on your home search preferences including price range, number of bedrooms required, neighborhood, schools, etc.

2. Once you have selected the list of properties to visit.  Map out your route.  This way you don't waste time driving around or getting lost. Additionally, most open house are open from 1:00 - 4:00pm so your time is limited.

3. Lastly, keep in mind most homes are staged.  While visiting the home for the first time, try to visualize yourself in the home & how you would use the space.  


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