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Evaluating a neighborhood properly

Be thorough in your housing search

Posted on December 14, 2012 by Nikki.

One of the top considerations in shopping for a new Sunnyvale home is of course location. Most people generally know what they are looking for in terms of location, i.e. school district, neighborhood, length of commute, etc. Here are a few other details to think about while you look around.

1. School District
If you have or will have children in school, it’s probably important for you to look at the quality of the school district your home will be in. Of course this is important, but remember that private schools may be an option too. There are a lot of great private schools in the Sunnyvale area.

2. Neighbors
Do you want to befriend your neighbors? Are they easy to get along with or are they elitist, friendly or aloof? Are things going to be different on weekends, i.e. will there be a lot of loud parties or children running around? It may not be a bad idea to try meeting a few of your potential neighbors before you make an offer.

3. Future Changes
Are there nearby developments that could drastically change the landscape of your neighborhood? For example, is a shopping district opening up nearby? A bar? You may not be able to predict too far into the future with accuracy, but your agent should be aware of any current developments in discussion.

4. Landscaping
Are you going to take care of your own garden? Or are you going to hire a gardener? How much time or money are you willing to spend? Make sure you look around and are aware of how much maintenance will be required. Some trees will drop a lot of leaves or seed pods, and they may require a great deal of cleanup every weekend during the fall.

These are just a few additional things you should consider when looking for the right location and neighborhood for your dream home. If you have any questions or would like some help finding a Sunnyvale home perfect for you, please contact Nikki Langendorf at 1-408-896-4221 or I’m here to help!

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