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Columbia Middle School and Stanford Launch New Program

Columbia Middle School is teaming with Stanford on a new program

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Nikki.

If you have children in school, you are probably interested in the quality of local public schools. This is often measured by an API test score. Your local Sunnyvale middle schools usually post impressive API scores. See a previous blog for more details, Basically, Cupertino Middle School often leads the way, recently scoring 935 out of a possible 1000. Marian A. Peterson Middle School and Sunnyvale Middle School aren’t too far behind at 862 and 843. Columbia Middle School struggles in this regard though, recently tallying 719.

However, the Sunnyvale School District is working on this issue, and they have partnered with the Stanford University Teacher Education Program (STEP). A new program was created in response to parents’ requests for more options for middle school students. Basically, Stanford will offer resources in core classroom subjects (English, history, math, and science) and professional support with STEP’s faculty. In return, the school district will provide student recruitment and enrollment, facilities, equipment, and resources. It will also provide leadership development. Hopefully, it will be implemented beginning in the academic year 2013-2014 for sixth grade, 2014-2015 for seventh grade, and 2015-2016 for eighth grade.

If you would like more information, Alia Wilson of the Mercury News posted an article entitled “Stanford University, Sunnyvale School District to launch new program at Columbia” at Furthermore, a parent information night is scheduled for Thursday, January 31. Look to the Sunnyvale School District’s website,, to find detailed information.

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