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Appliances to Look For

What appliance features are worth paying for?

Posted on October 10, 2012 by Nikki.

When you look to buy your new Sunnyvale home, you might very well overlook appliances and features. You probably spend most of your time and energy focusing on location, size, cost, etc. That is obviously most important, however, don’t forget about your appliances. That may make your daily life more convenient and comfortable. Here are some features you may want to keep an eye out for.

1. Energy Saver Appliances
The cost of electricity is a daily expense that adds up over the months and years and perhaps decades you own your Sunnyvale real estate. You should definitely look for energy saving appliances that will save you money every day.

2. Built-in Icemaker and Water Dispenser
This will free up room in both your refrigerator and your freezer. You will never have to worry about having ice cold drinking water again! Plus, by having this feature built-in, you never have to worry about having the plumbing for a future installation. You just have to buy the appropriate appliances.

3. Dishwasher with Delayed Start
A dishwasher will save hours and hours of time laboring over the kitchen sink that many people simply don’t have. By utilizing a delayed start feature, you can easily do your dishes at night when the noise won’t bother you and the utility cost may be cheaper during these off-peak hours.

4. Double Oven
If you entertain guests frequently, you will definitely appreciate the usefulness of a double oven. You will be able to cook a casserole and a pie or cake at the same time. On Thanksgiving Day, you can cook your turkey and casserole or pie at the same time. Even if you don’t entertain guests, you can use the smaller oven to cook most dishes such as chicken breasts, lasagna, cookies, etc. This will save time and money as it preheats quicker and doesn’t take as much energy to heat the entire cavity.

These are just a few useful appliance features you should consider when looking for your ideal Sunnyvale home.  If you have any questions or would like any other help with your Sunnyvale real estate needs, please contact me, Nikki Langendorf, at 1-408-896-4221 or

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